Montney In-Basin Silica Sand

Project Details


Northwest Alberta and Northeast British Columbia


Primary and secondary highway access


Over 150,000 contiguous hectares

AMI Silica

AMI Silica, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Athabasca Minerals Inc., is the owner of the Montney In-Basin Silica Sand Project in the vicinity of Dawson Creek, Alberta and Fort St John, British Columbia. This Project broadens the strategic growth and advancement of AMI Silica to become the ‘in-basin’ leader for the supply of premium domestic silica sand. AMI Silica has completed certified testing (STIM-LAB Inc. and Loring Laboratories Ltd.) on a 70/170 domestic sand sample with the following results:

Sphericity 0.7
Roundness 0.6
Acid Solubility 2.3%
Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) content 98.5%
Crush Value 8k

These preliminary results indicate that the Montney In-Basin Project sand aligns with the specifications for sands used in hydraulic fracturing (API Standard 19C). 

The Montney basin represents over 50% of the entire frac sand demand in Canada. In late 2019, AMI completed its first phase of delineation drilling for its proposed Montney In-Basin Premium Quality Domestic Sand Project. The Montney Silica Sand Delineation & Development program is being re-adjusted for cashflow management purposes, in relation to concurrent demands related to the Duvernay Project. Together with its existing joint-venture (JV) partner, the parties are taking a measured approach concerning expenditures in order to confirm the most suitable and cost-effective location for development within the 150,000 hectare area in which the JV holds mineral leases.

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