AMI Aggregates

Athabasca Minerals Inc. is an integrated group of aggregates companies involved in resource development, aggregates marketing and midstream supply-logistics solutions. Business activities include aggregate production, pit management services, sales from corporate-owned and third-party pits, acquisitions of sand and gravel operations, and new venture development.

The Corporation has employees and consultants with experience in the aggregates industry in identifying, exploring and developing aggregate resources. Our team members have been involved with numerous acquisitions of aggregate resources and operations in Alberta.

Corporate Pits

Athabasca owns and operates a number of aggregate operations located in Western Canada.

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Staging & Distribution Hubs

Athabasca has multiple staging and distrbution areas for the stockpiling and sale of aggregate products. 


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Management Operations

Athabasca provides management for government and private aggregate operations.

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Asset Dispositions

Athabasca holds non-core assets available for joint venture, partnership or sale. 

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