Coffey Lake

On March 21, 2020, the first gravel trucks were loaded, scaled and trucked out of Coffey Lake, generating sales and revenue for the Company ahead of the Q2 2020 schedule. The Coffey Lake contract has a 15-year scope, where quality aggregates will be produced to satisfy a region with consistently high demand volumes from large-scale industrial oilsands operators with ongoing road maintenance, infrastructure and sustaining capital projects.

The services in the contract include exploration, identification of sand and gravel, clearing, continuous reclamation including replacement of subsoil and topsoil, road building (in pit) and maintenance, scaling of material and general administration of the pit.

Coffey Lake is located on 304 hectares (750 acres) of land, 90 kilometers from the city of Fort McMurray and 45 kilometers from Fort McKay in the heart of oilsands major industrial operations. For more information about Coffey Lake, go to

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