Duvernay Frac Sand

Project Details


Alberta Duvernay


Primary and secondary highway access

AMI Silica


Athabasca Minerals Inc. has purchased initial investment of $280,000 in cash and the issuance of 420,000 Athabasca (‘ABM’) shares was made for 16.2% interest in Privco2. An additional 33.4% interest will be acquired for $742,000 and the issuance of 1,680,000 Athabasca (‘ABM’) shares pending resource delineation results expected in April-2019. Early laboratory results of the Duvernay Project sand, as conducted by Stim-Lab Inc on samples taken from the deposit, showed favorable physical properties, with sphericity and roundness factors of 0.7 each, acid solubility of 2.6% and crush strength values of 9k psi (40/70 granularity) and test results of 10k psi (70/140 granularity). These preliminary results indicate that the Duvernay Project sand complies with API Standard 19C specifications for sands used in hydraulic fracturing.

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